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2207 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle, Washington 98109

I finally went to this place on Queen Anne in Seattle, WA. Upper Queen Anne is dotted with all kinds of shops … coffee shops, bagel shops, florists, and a nice “expensive foods” grocery store. To my surprise this little teashop is getting a fair amount of business. Teacup has been in business for about 12 years, according to their website. I saw it a couple of times when I use to work on Queen Anne, but never ventured in. So, like I said, I finally walked in …

When you first walk in, you’re greeted with small tables near the front door … to me that means this place is small and trying to keep a cliental of tea drinkers happy. They’ve placed many small tables and chairs in this space. I find it kind of distracting though, sitting in a small area to have a cuppa tea, and being brushed by other people, since your there to sit down and relax.

One thing that really impressed me was their wall of tea tins … so many tea tins it was like “a wall of sliver.” The counter was small, and it seemed there was just enough space to order a pot of tea, and to chat with the tea staff. To the left of the counter was an upright, with teapots, accoutrements and gifts.

I didn’t see anything about food … I’m assuming they do have food, but I’m not certain.

One thing I do remember was being told that they were holding a class on Chinese tea. Most of their classes are held on weekends. They encourage people to either call and see what class is being held that weekend, or to just show up around 3:00 pm to see what’s going on. That’s pretty cool, having a class on either the Japanese tea ceremony, (but one should go to the Japanese gardens to see a real Japanese tea ceremony), or on teas throughout the world.

I’m giving Teacup “two pots” because I didn’t feel completely comfortable there. I could have a pot of tea there, but I don’t like having other people sitting almost on top of me. The staff is really nice and quite knowledgeable, which is great, especially for first time tea drinkers. I also think that giving demonstrations of the art of tea, or classes about different types of tea is great. If you’re ever on Queen Anne in Seattle, then give them a try.

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