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This is a 'three teapot' place. The establishment is called Island Tea Company, and it's located at 1664 E. Main St., in Freeland, WA.

Their website address is www.islandteacompany.com.

This review is by Sharon, who visited the Island Tea Company, and wrote this review as a favor to me. Thanks Sharon!


First off, I want to say Iíve never been to a tearoom in my life, but the Island Tea Company is without a doubt a "three teapot" experience. Donít even bother reading the rest of this, just go and enjoy! That being said, on with the review!

Freeland is a small town on Whidbey Island, which is West of Seattle, in the middle of Puget Sound. My Mother-in-Law, Shirley, lives in Freeland, and Adriene asked if the next time I was over to visit Shirley would I please drop in and review the Tea shop. After reading the web site for the Island Tea Company, Shirley and I set out for tea.

We parked in front of the shop, walked in the door and were greeted by the owner, Dori. Dori is pleasant and charming, and her personality is reflected in her shop. Everywhere you look there are tea related items: cups, pots, spoons, tea infusers, tea towels, antiques, lace and items too numerous to mention. The shop is utterly feminine. Shirley had mentioned she would like to try some green tea so we chose a cup of Chinese Gunpowder and a cup of Japanese Sencha, and some scones.

There was a choice of three tables, a table for two, which already had ladies waiting for tea, a table for six and a table for three. We chose the table for three, which had a tablecloth with a clear protective covering, and wooden chairs in pastels of pink, green and blue. The wall of the shop facing the street was a soft yellow, the windows trimmed in white. The view is of Main Street, and the shops across the street, so we watched as people walked by or wandered into the shop looking at the different items. The kitchen is located in the back of the shop, but we could hear the muted sounds of Dori fixing our tea and scones.

People came and went; a man and a woman came in and sat at the table for six and were soon joined by another gentleman. We were surprised that men would feel comfortable in a tea shop and said so to Dori. Dori told us that a lot of local businessmen come in to talk with their clients, and some just to escape and relax from a busy day, knowing no one would think to find them in a tea shop!

Dori came with our tea on a nice tray with 2 pretty plates with paper doilies, 2 triangular scones dusted with powdered sugar, wrapped butter and some preserves in front of us. It looked just like the serving shown on her web site! The teacups werenít the small dainty ones weíd seen in the shop but generous cups with belled bottoms for a large cup of tea. What a pleasant surprise the scones were! The scones Iíve had were in the past were usually dry and dusty tasting. Doriís were moist and flaky, and were wonderful with the butter and preserves.

Shirley and I had other errands to run, but found ourselves relaxing and enjoying the moment. There was soft music playing in the background, soft chatter from the other customers and just a general feeling of calm in the shop.

All in all, it was a very memorable experience. Shirley and I left feeling pampered, spoiled, and wanting to come back again. Thank you Adriene for telling me about the shop, and thank you Dori for a relaxing moment in time.

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