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Welcome to ... First Steep!

This is what Iím calling the 'interactive' portion of the website ... that is, the discussion topic page. I plan on having a topic of discussion monthly, so stay tuned for more interesting topics, and to post your opinions, too.

I think about a lot of things that relate to tea. Lately I've been seeing a lot more men drinking tea, and I'm curious if men who don't drink tea think its too feminine, or what other reasons they might have. And for those men who do drink tea, is it just something that they enjoy or what other reasons might they have? So, I want to know, Ladies and Gentlemen. Give me your thoughts. Write to me here and I'll post your comments (you'll be famous for fifteen minutes!) Thanks!

Our last topic was "The trend of drinking Chai tea. Why?" I would still be happy to hear your thoughts on that topic, too. So if you have an opinion, please write. For those who donít know what Chai is, its basically a black tea that has spices added and milk. Iíve notice a huge market for Chai tea. There are teahouses where the specialty is Chai ... all sorts of different Chais. So my question (to anyone out there) is, 'Why Chai?' Is it because its an easy tea to drink when you're on the go? A friend of mine told me Chai is like Pumpkin pie with Ice cream on top. If you agree (or disagree), let me know , and Iíll post your comments here. Thanks!

Our last topic was Why Chai?, and here are a few of the responses I received ...

Mrs. Bandhana Chettri from Thunderbolt Tea wrote:

"Chai is the common man's word for tea in Hindi language and this generally refers to common man's drink which you can find anywhere on the streets, restaurants etc. Some give it in small earthern cups. Its basically CTC brew with milk. Though not hygienic enough according to the place where they sell (referring to street shops), I tend to risk it because everybody is having it and its very tempting. If spices are added, its called "Masala Chai" in India. I don't know how the international community perceives Chai as, but what I have mentioned above is totally Indian. Some refer to as 'Chai Tea', but this interprets into 'Tea Tea' - Chai already means tea. Anyways, my thoughts."

                                                                - Mrs. Bandhana Chettri -

Barbara Roberts of Garden Party Teas© (http://www.gardenpartyteas.com/) responded to my Why Chai? question, and here's what she had to say:

"Your friend said it right, chai can be compared to pumpkin pie with ice cream (or even better, whipped cream)! For some time my 2 year old grandaughter wanted chai tea every morning. Her mommy made it with whole milk but I'm glad to see she has out grown that now."

"I crave Chai after a bad day to soothe my nerves and after a good day to reward myself. Chai tea traditionally is made with honey added. I don't use sugar or cream in my 'regular' tea so an occasional cup of chai is a sweet treat."

"Delightful ezine!"

                                                                - Barbara Roberts -

Thanks Barbara!

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