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Welcome to ... First Steep!

The Tea Dork

My name is Adriene Harris and I'm a self proclaimed tea dork. I live in Seattle, WA. - the coffee capital - known for Starbuck's, Tully's etc...

I fell in love with Seattle after seeing a program on NBC's today show about 20+ years ago. They featured a teahouse called "Teahouse Kuan Yin". I made it my personal quest to find that place ... and I did.

After finding the teahouse, I uprooted myself from Berkeley, CA. and moved to Seattle ( kind of like the Beverley Hillbillies - "Seattle is the place to go for quali-tea, so I gathered up my stuff and I moved from Beverly" - Well Berkeley, anyway).

Living and working in Seattle, my devotion to tea became more of an obsession, and I decided I had to work in the teahouse that had made me journey here. I began working at the teahouse part time (I had a "real" full time job, too). I soon became a true tea dork, swimming in a sea of coffee junkies, slowly carving out my niche along side other tea dorks. Then one day I decided to create my website so that I could share my love of tea with other tea dorks near and far.

I would like to extend a special "thank you" to the following people, who supported or contributed to my habit:

My fellow tea drinkers (who I drag to selected tea houses for reviews):

Mrs. Tanja Reine rs-Kroger
Ms. Vinni Gupta

My family who hated that I moved to Seattle but supported me when needed.

I would especially like to thank the people who I came into contact with at the Teahouse Kwan Yin:

Miranda Pirzada
Gary Peyton
Juliet Smith
And all the other "Watotos" that I worked with.

And all the customers that I so enjoyed interacting with:

Diane and the women of the teahouse writers group
Craig English (visit his site -
Glen and Alex, the "King" and "Queen" of the Tea house
and Klaus Zupp the "Emperor".

William A Neumann - who design and built this lovely website.

But most of all, I would like to thank my dog, for having the patience to allow me to write all of this before going for her walk.

Write to if you have any questions.

Write to the with comments or suggestions about this website.

Write to with comments or suggestions regarding site content.

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